Vinod Kothari - Sanskriti

Good work Vipul. Your temerament and coolness with us has raised the bar towards having an everlasting professional bonding with you. Wishing you success in your endevours. God Bless

Birendar Singhvi - BigFi Prints

Vipul is like a brother to me. He takes care of my Web needs without me having to say anything. His work and discipline has earned him many clients. He is cheerful,energetic and passionate. He will do wonders.Cheers

Nandita - Synergy Architecture

Vipul has been very proactive and has done a great job in making an excellent website for my company. He understood my line of work and made me a website which completely suits it. His first variant was so impressive that I did not have to make a single change in the way he delivered. Thank vipul

Ramesh - Kutties Woodcrafts

Vipul is young and very Energetic. The whole Drifting Media revolves around this single guy. He is too too too fantastic. Vipul cannot be defined in this small space


Drifting Media sounds like a weird name in the beginning. But guys watch out for them, because after seeing their passion and dedication, this name surely suits them. They will just drift you towards them. Name me one thing these guys cannot do. How can someone provide so many solutions under the same roof and that too with perfect class. If you have not worked with Drifting Media, you are definitely missing out lots of actions. You guys are just genius. Rock on!!

Jerry - Car Cares

Drifting Media is as good as my own company. Vipul has been my school time buddy and maintains my online needs. Really caring and service oriented company. I would blindly recommend them to all.

Joe - Razzmatazz Group

Drifting Media as the name suggests will just drift you away. They are providing good solutions. My FB marketing is done superbly and I am very happy to be working with them.

Nirmal - PNA Associates

I would like to thank Mr. Vipul R Sajnani from Drifting Media for helping me to make a beautiful professional website at a very reasonable cost. I immediately got good feedback from my viewers and when we launched. I would like to mention the reason why he must be recommended to all. On 11th evening a sudden thought came to me that the website should be launched by 11:11PM so as to make it memorable date and time. I called him at 8 PM and conveyed my idea to him and asked him to come to my office immediately for final corrections, inspite of Vipul not being anywhere near, came specially for me, did all the corrections in front of me- not to forget that he had a fractured hand. I have never seen any company do that for their customers. They have gone one level ahead in making us feel like their special customers and a family like bonding. Thank you Vipul for your guidance and excellent work.


Good support

Akshay Osthwal - OM D.P Marketing (Mahavir Group)

I would like to express my gratitude towards Vipul and give this Testimonial for the great service he provided during the making of my Website. I had previously given it to another company, who not only took the advance from me, but also could not deliver the work for over 11 months. Fake promises were given and now my calls weren't been answered. After I joined BNI and came across Vipul, I immediately got my domain booked through him but my father was hesitant for a website because of our previous experience. Finally we really were in need of a website and wanted one urgently. I recommended my father to Vipul and Vipul went and met him personally. After questioning Vipul for more than 1 hour and getting convinced my father gave him the project. Vipul promised my father to hand over the website in 7 days. And to our surprise the complete website was delivered in just 4 days and I was also given a complete Walk through for more than 2 hours on how to use the website. Not only me but also my father is now a referral generator for Vipul and trust him completely to get any web related job done. I will recommend my friends and family to Vipul for all Online needs and hope to grow our bonding even further. Thank you so much Vipul & Drifting Media!!

Pratik Chandan - Nexuss Marketing

I would like to dedicate this testimonial to Mr. Vipul of Drifting Media. We had booked our domain for our website through him and wanted an additional help of retrieving one more website files from our ex vendor and transfer it to vipul for maintenance. This was just an additional request for which he did not wish to charge. My ex vendor was giving me lots of trouble not answering my calls and also was charging an exorbitant amount for the files that belonged to me. Vipul took the efforts of speaking as pratik and found out that the company was fake and was actually scamming by charging money for the files they did not even have ... I am really thankful to him since he was theperson who knew what to speak technically and got the truth out of that company. I can blindly turn myself and rely my business on vipul because we know he will only and only guide us right. I appreciate his efforts of doing it as a friend and taking so much effort. Thanks a lot vipul and we have a long way to go.

Vandana bagdi

Omg..Vipul u are just amazing.. My report was a block buster.Few hours of shoot and few hours editing....tak tak tak...and all done. Your energy level , passion and dedication truely amazed me.Everything at u r finger tips. U rock .All the very best and thank you so much.

bharath kirpalni

Vipul is great and amazing personality . He is a dedicated and professional in his work. We have very good brotherly relationship. An wizard media and wish to see his company in flying colours wishing you and drifting media all the best.

Sanjay Marlecha

It was just superb emcee.. Everyone just appreciated it.. You were amazing dude.. Awesome work.. For any future programs...will surely remember you. Thanks once again..

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